Fundraising Convention 2019: Chair calls for every fundraiser to ensure everyone is safe and support

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"We have to get our house in order. There is no place for sexual harassment in our community, our sector, our profession."

Opening Fundraising Convention 2019, IoF Chair Amanda Bringans reiterated her commitment to ensuring that the Institute plays its role to the fullest extent to create a safe and inclusive profession.

She said "We are the community that fights against injustice and champions equality and helps give a voice to the voiceless. But we have heard all too many stories recently of fundraisers, women in particular, who have faced sexual harassment within our profession. We need to get our house in order."

Amanda stated that one of the things that she was most proud of as Chair of the Institute was the continued priority given to making the fundraising profession more equal and diverse.

Following the IoF's Manifesto for Change and ahead of the new EDI strategy to be launched on Wednesday, we will work with fundraisers around the UK to make the commitment a reality."

In other remarks she acknowledged that it was a tough external environment for fundraisers. She said "It feels like we read a new report about giving going down, or being stagnant, or being challenging almost every week. But the next three days of Convention will show you that we're all working harder on innovating in different ways." 

She said that the difficult, new normal is opening up other opportunities and challenges. Younger people continue to be as engaged in causes and giving as ever and that lots of charities are working hard to provide a truly fantastic supporter experience. 

The keynote speech was followed by an opening plenary from Nicolas Hamilton, British racing driver who shared his experience of racing with a specially-modified car due to his cerebral palsy.



About Fundraising Convention
Fundraising Convention is the biggest fundraising event in Europe and attracts around 2,500 delegates each year. This year our headline sponsor is Blackbaud.

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