Coronavirus: Advice on leadership

19 March 2020
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THINK are sharing with us guidance on how to approach fundraising activities against the backdrop of the current coronavirus outbreak. In this article Michelle Chambers gives advice for fundraising leaders on how they can play a vital role in navigating these difficult times.

In the latest of our blogs sharing our THINKing on keeping the fundraising wheels turning against the backdrop of coronavirus we consider the actions fundraising leaders should be taking. With the situation changing daily, this is a time for leaders to be exercising ‘deliberate calm’ (i.e. detaching from a fraught situation and thinking clearly about how to navigate it) and demonstrating ‘bounded optimism’ (i.e. confidence combined with realism)  – as  Gemma D'Auria and Aaron De Smet wrote in their blog on leadership in a crisis.

Fundraising leaders will be under extreme pressure from other parts of their organisations to give clarity on the impact on income and from their teams, to provide clear guidance on what they should be doing, as well as having their own personal concerns for the wellbeing of their families and friends. It is vital, therefore, that fundraising leaders take care of their own wellbeing as well as that of staff, supporters, volunteers and donors. Leaders are often guilty of self-neglect, so make sure you keep an eye on yourself. Here are some actions we recommend you consider:

And finally, leaders must hold their nerve and keep sight of the fact that this situation will pass in time. We may well emerge a more compassionate and thoughtful society which will serve charities well in the long term.

Still to come are our thoughts on how best to mitigate the impact on community fundraising and individual giving and our top tips on working from home. We hope you are finding this series of blogs useful and we’d love to hear how your charity is getting on.

Michelle Chambers
Michelle Chambers
Managing Director at THINK Consulting Solutions
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