Being more radical: How to stay relevant and deliver the mission in our hyper connected digital world

24 February 2021
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Over the past year, it has become clear that few charities can stand still and deliver their mission through existing channels, values and ways of working.

As a result, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and PwC came together to convene a conversation around how charities and other organisations can be more radical whilst thinking through the need to stay relevant and deliver their missions in what is now a hyper-connected digital world.

Both our organisations wanted to create a platform to share insights and discuss ideas about the future of the sector. So, at the end of last year we held a series of events focused on staying relevant and delivering the mission. This report captures the thoughts of the events’ participants and presents some actionable steps that will allow charities to address the key challenges of relevance, differentiation and effectiveness. 


Rachel Thursfield

Charities Consulting Lead – Government and Health Industries

Daniel Fluskey

Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Aidan Sutton

PwC Charity Sector Lead 

Andy Theedom

Government and Health Industries

Stewart Wilson

Local Public Services Lead Partner, Government and Health Industries

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