Becoming the Chartered Institute of Fundraising - a message from Peter Lewis

14 February 2020
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Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising, makes an announcement about the IoF's journey towards chartered status.

I am delighted to announce that at a meeting of the Privy Council held on Wednesday evening at Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty The Queen approved an Order granting a Royal Charter to the Institute of Fundraising.

The Royal Charter does not take legal effect until the Royal seal is attached, which we expect to happen within the next few months. We hope to be able to start operating as the new Chartered Institute of Fundraising in April, and plan to launch our new identity – and a new website – before Fundraising Convention.

This is a huge achievement less than 37 years after a few volunteers met for the first time to form what is today the Institute of Fundraising. It demonstrates, through the Royal Charter, formal public recognition across the UK of fundraising as a profession, of your specialist professional skills and of your role in making the world a better place.

And on behalf of the staff team at the Institute I would like to congratulate all of you, as our members and volunteers, who have created the organisation we are today. Without your commitment to the profession, to professional standards, to continuing to learn and invest in your own professional development, and through inspiring supporters to make the world a better place, the Institute would not be receiving this public recognition.

Congratulations, and we look forward to updating you further in due course.

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising
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