‘A far from typical year in events fundraising’

27 October 2021
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In this blog Jill Purcell, Fundraising Manager at MS-UK and a member of the East Anglia group committee, shares her thoughts on what’s in store for events in 2022.

Hot off the heels of attending 5 events in the last 5 weekends, our events team at MS-UK have been busy, busy, busy welcoming our amazing fundraisers back to those mass events we all know, love and have sorely missed during the pandemic.

Whilst it’s been a whirlwind of a month jumping from one event to the next with barely a breath in between it has been a huge relief to be back out there doing what we love, and to see the coffers begin to fill again.

It’s been a far from typical year in events with reduced participants and reduced fundraising due to a lack of public confidence in mass gatherings, travel restrictions and lots of deferrals and rollovers from nearly two years of cancelled events.

Nevertheless, it’s been great to be back and all the signs are looking good for a really positive year for events in 2022. 

Public confidence is rising, travel restrictions are lifting and hope has been restored with some of the biggest global events like the London marathon having taken place safely this autumn.

Add the fact that runners, cyclists and swimmers will all be chomping at the bit to get back to events and that some events may have reduced capacity the demand for events is expected to be high.

In order to find out more about that current state of events and community fundraising the Chartered Institute, in collaboration with the Events, Community and Scottish Community Groups, are conducting a survey to understand the rate at which fundraising activities are restarting. They are looking at plans to lift social distancing measures, and thoughts on the future of events and community fundraising.

Whether you’ve started already, or yet to do so, they’d love to hear what your plans are and the strategy your charity is taking. Results will be shared across our membership to help fundraisers understand the fundraising landscape, as well as help think about further resource and support. You have until Friday to take part.

My advice is to hold faith in events for 2022, it’s not the year to try anything too big, or too radical but make sure you secure your places early to guarantee your charity’s fundraisers at the start-line of your favourite come back events! Good Luck! 

Jill Purcell
Jill Purcell
Fundraising Manager at MS-UK
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