Certificate in Fundraising Online (Starting 13th March 2024)

13 March 2024 - 19 March 2025
03:00PM to 05:00PM

DEADLINE EXTENDED The booking deadline for this qualification is 28th February 2024 Please contact academy@ciof.org.uk if you have any questions about this qualification.

Standard Content
How is the course structured?

The course is delivered 100% online with a mixture of content including interactive activities (including an online student discussion forum), readings and case studies. Assessment is based on completion of four formal written assignments. The deadlines for your Assignments are set in advanced to help you plan your studies.

The course consists of four modules which are broken down into weekly ‘Study Guides’ designed to help you to consolidate your knowledge. These guides are essential and have been designed to ensure you put your learning into practice. Each course module includes a Case Study which your tutor will provide feedback on, helping you prepare for each module's Assignment.

The online course includes
  • Students Area where you can manage your details, access your calendar and review your progress and feedback for submitted assignments and activities.
  • Study Guides where you will find each course Unit’s:

i) Learning outcomes which are documents available to download.

ii) Weekly readings and activities enabling you to consolidate your knowledge and put your learning into practice. 

iii) A case study which you should complete prior to embarking on your Assignment at the end of each Unit which your tutor will review.

  • The Resources area contains materials relevant to your course including the required readings, relevant articles, videos, links to relevant websites and study guides.
  • The student discussion forum will enable you to post comments and feedback in response to tutors’ and your fellow students’ postings. Student participation and engagement is essential throughout the qualification.
What level of commitment is needed?

Successful online learning demands that students actively engage with their online course, their tutor and student group. From experience we have found that those students who regularly engage, by applying and testing their knowledge using the activities, case studies and the student discussion forum to connect with their peers, find the course more rewarding and are better prepared to complete their Assignments.

You are expected to study in your own time and complete four written Assignments which must be submitted on or before the deadlines given below. We recommend that students put aside at least six to eight hours per week for study, including the time required to complete the four Assignments. On average the length of time needed to complete the Certificate in Fundraising Online is approximately an academic year.

To ensure you are not placed at a disadvantage when studying for a Chartered Institute qualification you should have a good command of written and spoken English to complete assignments to the required standard.

You will need Internet access to participate in this course and enable you to register for the file sharing service which provides essential online course materials.

Online Format

This is an online professional qualification. There are no live teaching sessions and you need to be working in a fundraising capacity (either voluntary or paid) in order to complete the four work based assessments. This online qualification is designed to give clear milestones each week to keep students motivated and engaged. The key to success within this educational approach is student participation and student involvement. The course won’t work without it.

What will i learn?

You’ll gain knowledge and skills at the very cutting edge of the profession that you can take to any employer and make a genuine difference to their fundraising programme.

We believe that the qualification will offer candidates a truly exceptional grounding in the principles of fundraising and provide the knowledge and skills essential for a modern career in the profession.

You will work your way through four modules on this course. These are:

The Fundraising Environment

This module will provide you with an understanding of the wider environment in which charities and other nonprofits operate. It has been newly updated to reflect recent changes in regulation, self-regulation and in particular the implications of GDPR. The module also includes a strong emphasis on fundraising ethics, introducing multiple perspectives for ethical decision making, together with a detailed consideration of the role and implementation of the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Understanding Donor Behaviour

This module reveals the emerging science of donor behaviour. You’ll learn who gives, why they give and in some cases why individuals elect not to give or decide to stop giving. We will also draw on the latest research findings from the fields of economics, sociology, marketing and the new field of philanthropic psychology. You will learn how to discern the genuine needs of donors and how to add real value in the experience of their philanthropy.

Designing Donor Communication

Here you will learn how to design compelling donor-centric communication that will inspire and excite your donors. We’ll look at the science that underpins great fundraising copy and also the design of both print and digital communications.  You’ll learn how to audit communications to enhance their effectiveness in both monetary terms AND how good they make supporters feel. At the core of this is the design of a truly compelling case for support

Fundamentals of Fundraising Planning

This module provides a framework for the planning of fundraising activities. You’ll learn how to design a plan for your own fundraising activity, conducting a fundraising audit, writing objectives that are an appropriate response to that environment and proposing a fundraising mix to achieve them. The course will give you a firm grasp of how each key form of fundraising operates. Students will also cover key concepts such as segmentation, positioning, branding and the case for support. It will also teach you how to build a fundraising budget, schedule of activities and appropriate forms of monitoring and control.

Course text book

You will need to purchase the course textbook Fundraising Management Analysis, Planning and Practice (4th Edition) by Adrian Sargeant, Jayne George Routledge, London.

The course textbook is not included in the fees

How will i be assessed?

You need to complete a series of four work based written Assignments.

Key dates and deadlines:

Module 1

  • Start date: 13th March 2024
  • Module 1 tutorial: 15:00 - 17:00, 22nd May 2024
  • Assignment 1 deadline: 23:59, 12th June 2024

Module 2

  • Module 2 tutorial: 15:00 - 17:00, 14th August 2024
  • Assignment 2 deadline: 23:59, 4th September 2024

Module 3

  • Module 3 tutorial: 15:00 - 17:00, 6th November 2024
  • Assignment 3 deadline: 23:59, 27th November 2024

Module 4

  • Module 4 tutorial: 15:00 - 17:00, 26th February 2025
  • Assignment 4 deadline: 23:59, 19th March 2025

Virtual Graduation

  • 3rd December 2025

Before booking

We’re keen to ensure you are ready to undertake this qualification.  As a quick check can you answer 'yes' to the following questions before booking:

Assuming you can answer 'yes' to all of the above, we look forward to welcoming you to the course!

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