Rising Stars

Are you a rising star in the fundraising profession? Or would you like to help mentor someone who is?

We want to showcase the talent of those who joined the fundraising sector in the last 2 years and who will go on to play a big part in progressing our sector.

The last couple of years have been difficult for our sector, but in these challenging times we have seen great innovation in fundraising. Better ways to reach to supporters and beneficiaries, using digital tools to continue events remotely, swinging campaigns into action with short preparation times. Behind these developments are passionate individuals dedicated to their causes.

We're looking for people who have demonstrated an innovative use of data, developed fantastic corporate partnerships or the diversifying of income streams in many other areas of fundraising.

If you’ve been working in the fundraising sector for under 2 years and have a big idea for the future of fundraising then we’d love to hear from you.

For the successful applicants, we’ll pair you with a mentor who will help you shape your idea and help you develop it into a seven minute presentation to deliver at the Fundraising Convention 2022. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 13 May.