Fundraising Convention: Beyond the sector

08/09/2021 | by James Gadsby Peet

James Gadsby-Peet takes a look at some of the sessions taking place at Fundraising Convention Online in the ‘Beyond the sector’ track.

Every year we try to get more and more speakers from outside the charity sector to be part of the Fundraising Convention. It’s perennially thought that the third sector is just that – behind other organisations in terms of its delivery, culture and innovation. 

Whilst I don’t agree that’s the case, there’s definitely things that we can learn from other perspectives (and no doubt they can learn from us too!) So here are some highlights of speakers from outside the charity sector this year:

Liz Sparrow - British Gliding

As well as being a world leading glider pilot, Liz has also designed groundbreaking services for the public and private sectors. Her early career in engineering gave her a unique view of how coaching, workload management and a focus on processes can deliver lasting change that people buy into. 

She’s since used this considered, kind and human focussed approach to tackle systemic issues in the gliding industry, the civil service and other public sector organisations. 

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Saielle Silva - Cazoo

Human centred design is the practice of meeting peoples’ needs through products, services and tools. In this session, Saielle will look at how just because we can make something people will use, should we do so? 

They’ll make the case for moving beyond human-centered design to society-centered design. This means designing for the broader context of systems that we impact and shape. We can redefine our social contract with each other, and with the world that we steward. To do this, we must be intentional about citizen empowerment, civic commons, public health, equity, and the planet.

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Faris Aziz - Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is one of the largest and fastest-growing online flower delivery and gifting platforms. Recently, the company announced that it raised fresh funding and reported massive growth in revenue during the pandemic crisis, making it the company’s most profitable year. This growth has been driven by a team of almost 150 people, which includes over 50 who joined in 2020. 

In this session Faris Aziz, lead product manager, will take us through how the company has continued to develop a close, effective and collaborative culture, despite many of its teams not having met each other. He'll cover the tools, processes and leadership lessons that they've learned and what they're looking to do next.

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