Eligibility criteria

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is providing bursaries to enable fundraisers to develop their skills and experience through attending the upcoming Fundraising Convention 2022.

If you work or volunteer for an arts- or culture-focussed organisation in England, you could also be eligible for a bursary via the RAISE programme.

For all bursaries, you must be:

  • living or working in the United Kingdom
  • able to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the fundraising profession
  • able to show that you would not be able to access the conference without the award

Bursaries are available for both members and non-members of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

We welcome bursary applications from anyone who identifies as one or more of the following:

  • BAME* (Anyone self-identifying as Black, Asian or from a Minoritised Ethnic background)
  • LGBT+ (Anyone who identifies under the LGBT+ umbrella, for example as lesbian, gay, bi and/or trans)
  • Disabled (Anyone who self-identifies as having a disability)

We would also welcome applications from:

  • Fundraisers in small charities (Anyone who works for a charity with an annual income of £500,000 or less, as per latest accounts from the Charity Commission)
  • Out of work fundraisers (Anyone who has been made redundant or lost their job in fundraising in the last six months)

Application process

Preference will be given to individuals that have not received an award in the past, but previous recipients will still be eligible. 

Complete the bursary application form

The closing date for applications is Monday 23 May.  We will be in contact with applicants by Friday 17 June.

Should you require an alternative format, such as via a video or call, or require assistance with completing your application, please contact the team via email accessfund@ciof.org.uk.

The group that awards your bursary will be determined by the information you provide on your application form, in terms of your location and/or interest in specific fundraising areas.

If you have been encouraged to apply by a particular group, please let us know during your application, 

Selection process

  • Anonymised copies of the applications, which exclude the name of the applicant and all other identifiable details, will be reviewed by a panel of fundraisers.
  • For Chartered Institute bursaries, this will be made up of Chartered Institute staff and volunteer committees.
  • For group bursaries, this will be made up of that group's volunteer committee members,
  • These panels will decide which applications should receive the bursary. The panels' decisions are final.

Guidance Notes

Please do not include identifying information in the Supporting Information section. Identifiable information could include; organisation names, names of colleagues, previous organisations etc. Any identifiable information in your application will be redacted before sending to the panel.

Privacy Notice

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Canopi, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR is the Controller.

The information you provide will be used to determine your eligibility for a bursary and to administer the bursary should your application be successful.

All forms submitted via email, phone or video will be accessed by a single co-ordinator and will be kept in a secure, restricted-access environment. 

All copies of the application forms will be securely destroyed within one month following completion of the awarding process.

* We use the term BAME in line with our Change Collective aims to improve diversity and equality in the sector. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee is continually reviewing the language and terms we use.