Matthew Sherrington

Director at Inspiring Action Consultancy

Matthew consults and coaches through his consultancy Inspiring Action with charities big and small, in the UK and internationally.  He has over 25 years’ experience of charity fundraising, campaigning, communications and leadership, including being Fundraising Director at Greenpeace USA, Communications Director at Oxfam GB and leading a creative agency. He’s been a committed conference speaker, blogger and charity trustee, as well as being on the IoF Fundraising Convention Board. His guiding principle is inspiring people to action, through communications and leadership. He has a particular passion for supporter engagement and organizational effectiveness, joining the dots between fundraising, communications, culture and strategy, with an exciting mission story. @m_sherrington


Why am I invloved in Fundraising Convention?

I’ve been involved in the Convention Board for ten years – this is my last – because I’m passionate about the charity sector and developing people’s skills to build confidence and do better. The bar has raised year on year, and I’m proud to have been part of that. I love the buzz of people coming together, willing to sharing knowledge and keen to learn from each other.