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Applications for the 2021 programme are currently closed. 

One of the key objectives of the Chartered Institute is to support its members through the provision of personal development opportunities. 10 years ago, we introduced a new scheme which addressed this through an innovative mentoring programme which proved to be so successful that it has subsequently been replicated, equally successfully, elsewhere in the country.

Our mentoring programme is a voluntary scheme which takes place over a twelve month period and is open to all individual members based in the South West. The scheme provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone involved in fundraising - regardless of the stage at which you are in in your career - to gain from the knowledge and experience of more experienced professionals who have been involved with fundraising over a longer period of time.


How the programme works

The mentoring programme focuses on members of the Chartered Institute who have identified a need or a desire for personal development. The scheme aims to meet their needs by encouraging experienced professionals to participate in the scheme as volunteer mentors. 

It is a year-long programme. Due to Covid 19 we will be doing things slightly different this year. All successful mentees and mentors will be invited to attend a matching Zoom call during which all mentors will be asked to say a few words about their experience with mentoring and the topics they feel they can give the most support on. Mentees will be asked to identify the most suitable mentors based on their reason for applying to be a mentee.

The programme coordinators will then match the pairs also taking into account information from the application forms. Please note that mentees will not be asked to say on a public call why they are applying on the programme due to the potential that it could be a sensitive subject (for example wanting help looking for a new job or perhaps struggling with a manager relationship) If both the mentee and the mentor are happy with the pairing, they will embark on a mutually agreed development programme, comprising a combination of face-to-face meetings, emails and telephone support of approximately four hours per month for a period of twelve months. Initially we would envisage that the first meetings would be over the phone until both parties agree that they would like to meet face to face.

Whilst all of the scheme’s previous mentors have had significant experience and expertise in the sector, some come to the scheme with little or no experience of mentoring. However, the programme includes the opportunity for a free training day for new mentors, delivered by Dr Mark Hughes of MCH Consulting – a highly experienced trainer and well-respected in his field of work. (Please note that there are limited places for Mark’s course and are allocated on a first come first served basis; however, due to the number of return mentors we receive we do how envisage that we will be able to accommodate most if not all new mentors)

Mentors will also be given the opportunity to attend one South West conference throughout the year for only £10 (which covers the costs of refreshments) as a thank you for giving up your time to help others develop.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

There is a flat fee for mentees of £75 which covers the administration of the scheme, however, if you are from a small charity (with fundraising income less than £100,000), please contact us for information about concessions that could be made available. We do ask that your invoice is paid before you commence on the programme. If you are a mentee and are paying for yourself then there is the possibility of paying in 3 instalments.

Why take part?

You may be new to fundraising, you may be exploring a new and unfamiliar area of fundraising, you may be struggling with difficult situations within the workplace that are creating barriers to your personal progress. It might be that Covid 19 has meant that you are unexpectedly looking for a new job or trying to create new strategies given the impact of Covid 19. There are many different reasons why this programme would be appropriate for you.

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