Insight in Fundraising Awards

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Chartered Institute of Fundraising Insight in Fundraising Awards

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Insight in Fundraising Awards ceremony was held on 14 July 2021, showcasing and celebrating some amazing work in the field of data analytics and insight-driven fundraising that has made a real difference for charities.

The Insight in Fundraising Awards recognises shining examples of data analytics and insight-driven fundraising carried out over the last two years, particularly responding to the challenges of the past year, which has seen so much adaptability and innovation.

We believe it is important to celebrate work that stands out as prime examples of robust, best practice or which breaks new ground. Equally, it is key to acknowledge and learn from the achievements of our peers, and to promote the importance of data insight for fundraising charities of all sizes and causes.

With that in mind, let's look at our winners and our highly commended entries!


Most Powerful Insight using Data Analysis

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Most Powerful Insight using Research

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Most Powerful Insight in a Small Charity

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Team of the Year

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